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What do you do when you've reached the end of your rope?

The key is to recognize your limit BEFORE you get to the end.

Prevention is the key!

Visit Mom's Peace Place for a few prevention tips to maintaining your peace of mind and learn to embrace the peace within you.

Breathe - Stop what you're doing and take a few deep breaths. There are mental and physical benefits to proper breathing. Proper breathing calms emotions and increases emotional stability. Breathing exercises can be done anywhere and at anytime.

Rest - Being tired is definitely a playground for irritation, frustration, and agitation. Instead of letting everything bother you, find a quiet place to rest for five or ten minutes to renew your mind. Can't find a quiet place? Go to the bathroom or find a closet and close the door. We can find an excuse for everything, so go hide before you hurt someone! Yelling and fussing only stresses you out, so stop, rest, and regroup.

Exercise - You're missing out on life if you aren't exercising. Do something - Move something - twenty jumping jacks, jump rope, walk, run in place, dance, hula hoop, etc… The benefits of exercise are endless. Try it, you'll like it! If you don't like it, do it anyway! The body that moves the most, moans the less! Need energy? Exercise!

Eat - Mothers often forget to eat. We need food for energy - the right foods. Did you eat today? What did you eat today? The food you put in your body is a key factor to your attitude and emotions. Junk in - junk out. Eating an apple a day does more than keep the doctor away. Eat foods that give energy and stamina for your busy day.

What About Me? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you want attention or appreciation, you might die waiting on it. Show yourself some attention by doing something you enjoy or going someplace you like, but you must come back! Show yourself appreciation by taking care of YOU. Indulge in your favorite snack when everyone else goes to bed. Take a minute for you - ALONE. Treat yourself every now and then and stop expecting others to do it for you.

Children - Okay, sometimes we think they were born to drive us crazy. Sometimes they are raising and grooming us as much as we're raising them. Children definitely take us to another level, but let it be a positive level and don't allow them to take you to their level - it's possible you know! Children get tired of us just as we get tired of them. Separate yourself from them when needed. Put yourself in timeout or send yourself to your room to renew your mind. Remember, these are God's children and we're placed in their lives to love and nurture.

Husbands - Dare I go there? Go back…waaaay back to when you fell in love with tall, dark, and handsome. He really is the same guy except your 'man' turned into your husband. Want a new husband? PRAY! Remember…we can't change our husband, but we can sure change how we react to them!

Friends / Family - Surround yourself and your family with positive people. Mumblers, grumblers, and complainers can suck the life out of you.