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ARTICLES - Monday Meditations for Moms

A Bigger Picture

It took me years to truly give my children back to the Lord and feel comfortable saying the prayer, "Have your way, Lord." Knowing God loves the children in my care more than I ever could, gives me a peace I can't explain. Yes, God is in control of every aspect of our children's lives and there is nothing we can do to alter His perfect plan for them - God is God.

My older sister is being tested in this area with her first-born. He was recently admitted into John Hopkins Hospital with a rare disease. What is a mother to do? What can a mother do? What should a mother do? Pray for healing? Pray for strength to endure? Trust God and allow Him to have His way? I'm reminded of Mary, the mother of Jesus, having to watch her son live a life full of pain and rejection. Mary knew there was a bigger picture. Another story is of Mary, the sister of Lazarus, wanting Jesus to come immediately to heal her brother. Because Jesus didn't come quickly, she became angry, yet Jesus wanted to do more through the situation than wave His magic wand and heal Lazarus - the situation wasn't about Lazarus' illness after all...there was a bigger picture. A mother's love for her child is one of the strongest bonds on Earth - God created this mother/child love, yet His love exceeds ours.

To my dear sister and creator of The MOMSWEB Mother/Child Images, just as others stand and admire your paintings and creations, it's your turn to stand back and admire the painting God has created for your son, my nephew - there is a bigger picture than what we see. This message is a reminder to all mothers and myself - the children in our care belong to God. He is in control... there is a bigger picture.

Isaiah 55:8 (NKJV)   "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways," says the LORD.