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A Burning Desire

I had plans for the upcoming months, which have been put on hold due to my husband signing both our sons up for a very busy season of football. My plans are now to sit at the football field and watch the boys practice four days out of the week with games on Saturdays - two separate teams I might add. Yes, I've been silently complaining because there is a burning desire within me to get busy for the Lord. Okay Lord, if this is where you want me, so be it. Needless to say, the Lord assured me the football field is exactly where he wants me. There are so many mothers at these practices that are waiting to be connected or reconnected to the Lord. Many of these mothers are hungry for love and unknowingly desiring an invitation into the family of God - there is work to be done. I had no idea this desire to get busy would result in evangelizing at football practice - how strong is my desire now? So you mean I have to actually talk to these women? I thought this would be my time to find a corner to sit and relax after a full day of teaching, cooking, and cleaning. Yes, the Lord has a sense of humor! He's allowing me to get busy for him without the busyness. I don't have to go out to do His work, yet I can do His work while I'm out! The Lord wants me outside the walls of my church, outside my prayer circles, and outside my home. He wants me on the battlefield - the football field. Down, set, hut! I'm looking forward to the assignments before me; is there an assignment waiting for you today?