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I Feel Like A Slave!

A mother told me this weekend she was at the point where she didn't care if she lived or died because she was tired of not feeling appreciated by her family. I quickly assured her she was not alone and how most mothers experience this feeling more than once - some daily! Mothers are a lot like Jesus in the home and we get some of the same treatment we give Him. Jesus gave His life knowing we would not completely surrender our lives in return - mothers give, give, and give daily to our family knowing verbal expressions of thanks will be few. Jesus is so good to us, we don't even recognize many of our blessings - mothers do most of the work around the house, yet often feel invisible. We take advantage of God's grace and mercy as we continue to be disobedient - mothers discipline children about the same things over and over again, yet they expect and receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and clean clothes everyday. We praise God when things go our way, yet when things don't go as planned, our praise is not as strong - what happens in your home when your children and husband don't get their way? Thankfulness and appreciation is important, yet if Jesus doesn't get it, do we have a right to expect it? I have been liberated in my home by being servant minded. It took a few years, but I finally allowed God to reprogram my way of thinking as a wife and mother. I have to admit, I was Queen Complainer about having to do all the dishes, laundry, cooking, errands, etc…I felt like a slave in my home until I was reminded - I am one. I am a servant, bought with a price. Yes, mothers have a demanding charge, yet the secret behind the madness is to remember we work directly for King Jesus. Not only will this servant attitude change your actions, but you'll see changes in your family also. Be liberated by being servant minded!