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LaVender Williams, Florida
MOMSWEB Founder, LaVender Williams, Florida

MOMSWEB was founded by one mother as a result of an illness. Unable to care for her own children during this time, she realized there was more to being a mother than meeting her children's physical needs. Her passion to share this "awakening" with other mothers turned into a four page newsletter shared with family and friends. MOMSWEB is now a fast growing corporation touching the lives of mothers across the country.

LaVender with her children MOMSWEB is the first and only organization of its kind offering mothers education, encouragement, and edification based on the Word of God. We depend greatly on the seasoned wisdom of our grandmothers, aunts, and other mother figures as the foundation of our teaching is based on The Epistle To Titus Chapter 2:3-5.

MOMSWEB Founder, LaVender Williams, is shown holding son, Jaylan, at work after picking him up from child-care due to a high fever. This was a defining moment for the now retired service member to share the challenges of motherhood and offer much needed support and encouragement to working and stay at home mothers.

"I thank God for using me as a vessel to share with mothers from all walks of life this awesome, yet demanding role of being a mother. Let us not allow our children to interfere with our lives, yet be the purpose for our lives."