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Military Moms

Active duty mothers, mothers of military members, and spouses of military members . . .MOMSWEB acknowledges you and appreciates your service, and support.

MOMSWEB has a special place for mothers serving in the Armed Forces. Founder, LaVender Williams, Navy retiree, understands first hand the trials military moms go through when it comes to finding childcare for long duty hours, leaving your husband and children for training assignments, finding support systems with each new duty station, the list goes on and on. Not everyone will be fortunate enough to have family members at each new duty assignment to offer support and encouragement. MOMSWEB is here for you.


LaVender Williams holding son, Jaylan

MOMSWEB Founder, LaVender Williams, is shown holding son, Jaylan, at work after picking him up from child-care due to a high fever. This was a defining moment for the now retired service member to share the challenges of motherhood and offer much needed support and encouragement to working and stay at home mothers.