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ARTICLES - Monday Meditations for Moms

A New Appreciation

Just when I thought I fully understood the value of Motherhood and how necessary it is to show Mothers appreciation, I receive another awakening. My nine-year old niece, from Alabama, spent her Spring Break with me and I tip my hat to Mothers of daughters while I salute the Mother with three or more children. We all have various degrees of tolerance and I'm convinced I have a low degree of tolerance with a score of two (two children). Having to divide myself three ways and meet the desires of three individual wants and needs took much creativity. When my sister came to rescue her daughter, she said to me, "You always look like you have it all together." I quickly corrected her and shared how dysfunctional I felt with three children. I was exhausted by the end of the week and I truly have a greater appreciation for Mothers. I also know why I see so many little girls with messy hair - how many times a day are you supposed to comb it?

There are so many things required of a mother and it's so important that we are accepting and understanding of one another. We're not perfect, yet strive to do the best we can. I thank God he created us with the ability to multi-task! It's amazing to look back over our days and see what God allows us to accomplish. I think of a tree with many branches - it must have strong roots to stand strong. I needed more than a week to get use to my play daughter and having three children in the home, yet a week was enough for me! I'm not afraid to admit my limitations and the Lord knew to bless me with two boys (with hair to cut off). Mothers, as we pray for the power of God to work through us each day, throughout the day, let us not forget how valuable we are in our child's life. Our children need us, desire us, and sometimes act like they can't live without us - that's okay because we can't live without our Heavenly Father.

Ezekial 19:10 (NIV)   "Your mother was like a vine in your vineyard planted by the water; it was fruitful and full of branches because of abundant water."