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Spilled Milk
LaVender Williams

After serving 20 looong years in the United States Navy, I'm now a stay at home mother employed by my two home schooling sons. It took quite a while to adjust to my full time domestic position, and I'm still learning to relax and fully enjoy the time I spend with my boys. I mentioned my twenty years of active duty were long and it seemed long as I stood those tiring midnight watches at the hanger bay watching airplanes that obviously were not going to move. It s eemed long as I was volunteered to assist in those seemingly never ending working parties and lifting ridiculously heavy items while in my child bearing years. It seemed long having to drop my crying babies off at childcare while I served my country. None of it made sense then, yet looking back, it all makes complete sense now and it doesn't seem so long after all. Every task, experience, and unfavorable circumstance in those twenty years helped mold me into the person I am today. I was taught patience, perseverance, determination, discipline, and the practice of accepting the things I can't change. Spilled milk is just that…spilled milk…it comes with the territory just as those midnight hanger watches did. I didn't learn to enjoy the journey while on active duty until the journey was just about complete. I tried to transform and undo a lot of spilled milk, which turned out to be a waste of time…something I can never get back. Time is valuable and I thank God for every minute of my twenty years on active duty. I also thank Him for all the spilled milk I cried over. I've learned what to do with spilled milk…wipe it up and keep going.