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Part V
TITUS 2:3-5
(Accepting One Another)
Romans 15:5-7
Betty J. Winters

Several months ago, I mentioned that according to 1 Th. 5:11, we are to "encourage one another and build each other up." In this issue, I want to impress upon our minds that one of the most achievable ways we can encourage others is through acceptance.

Are there Biblical examples to bring the younger woman under the umbrella of acceptance so that they may be encouraged? There are many godly women in the Bible such as Phoebe, Lydia, Priscilla, The Proverbs 31 Woman, and Dorcas. For this discussion, the focus will be on Dorcas, the "woman who met needs." All that she did for others makes her seem a "little bionic." Dorcas was a paragon of an intelligent and well-organized woman who had a heart for God and loving eyes that saw the needs of others. She helped people without putting pressure on others. More often than we want to admit; we help others simply to make another person feel guilty. Not Sis. Dorcas! She encouraged others by accepting them.

How do we begin to be a Dorcas? First of all, rather than be a dragon on the doorsteps, we can accept the younger woman by being less critical, listen to her regarding, her loneliness, insecurities, help her find her niche, and believe in her ability to succeed. Further, we accept her struggles, disappointments in marriage, child rearing, or financial setbacks as being vital concerns in her life. The older woman is there to remind her that her ministry is to try to make her family physically happy, but it is God who must make them spiritually holy. We must accept the seasons of life that the younger woman lives within. The older woman is in the "Fall and Winter" seasons while the younger woman is still experiencing the "Spring and Summer" seasons.

One of the greatest ways to extend acceptance to others is to be approachable. No one will approach you if they feel they will not be accepted. You cannot begin to encourage those you have not accepted. It is my greatest joy to let young women know that I am (ART), approachable, reachable, and touchable.

Dorcas became ill and died and there was great sadness because people remembered the good deeds she constantly did for them. My mothering sisters, will there be lamenting from those you have helped when you "check out" to "check in?"

Do you want to be a Dorcas? You can be if you will internalize Romans l5:5-7 and remember (and I paraphrase), the God who gives endurance and encouragement is the God who gives us a spirit of unity among ourselves as we follow Christ, so that with one heart, and mouth we may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the God that encourages us to accept one another, as Christ accepted us. THIS WILL BRING PRAISE TO GOD. DARE TO BE A DORCAS!!!!